Tattoo Cream Detailed Description

The use of methods

tattoo cream With an alcohol cotton wool rub the skin hardly,dead skin will be came off.
tattoo cream Then the plaster will be painted evenly on the skin to maintain the 2~3mm in thickness, covered it with cling film 40 minutes later, the skin will achieve deep anesthesia up to 3~4hours.
tattoo cream Leave the plastic wrap on until it is removed by the professional before the procedure.
tattoo creamTips & Warnings.
tattoo creamLeave the cream on the skin longer for better result.
tattoo creamDo not remove the plastic wrap, until you feel numbness in effect.
tattoo creamPainless tattoo cream, best skin painless cream.
tattoo cream
Long lasting (up to 3~4 hours )numbing cream Verified Safe
and Effective through marketing proving in many years

tattoo cream After using please seal immediately , exposure time should not be too long. Because epinephrine, become brown is normal phenomenon.
tattoo cream The patient with heart disease, diabetes mellitus and skin disease is forbidden to use this product.
tattoo cream Do not allow the children and old men to swallow the products.
tattoo cream If you have any heart conditions, problems with blood pressure or circulation, contact your physician prior to application.
tattoo cream The normal temperature preservation. Below zero preservation, the effect-acting period wouldn’t be delay.
tattoo cream
painless tattoo cream
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anesthetic dominant ingredient:6%lidocaine and 4%prilocaine Packing:10g/tube,25pcs/box use anesthetics before tattoo In order to reduce customer pain and easy coloring. Used for:Micro needle pain,...
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